Welcome to the Cedar Dean Group
“We are driven by our values and we strive to only work with operators who fit these.”

The Cedar Dean Group is a collection of corporate and property advisors united to offer expert guidance to businesses across the UK.

The depth of expertise and experience across the group allows us to help clients with every possible requirement within commercial property. Having worked together since 2010, we know that every new project unearths a fresh set of challenges. To guarantee you get the results you need, we invest time with every new client to understand your business expectations. Then we build your perfect team by carefully selecting relevant specialists from across the entire group.

Our values influence everything we do. As every client relationship is inevitably a close one, we always seek to work with people who share similar principles.

“We make a living by
what we get,
but we
make a life by what
we give.

Winston Churchill

Join the journey.

Every company starts as an idea. A seed that takes root and starts to grow. An idea that if nurtured, and placed in the right environment will flourish.

At the Cedar Dean Group we see it as our job to help you find that environment. A belief in relationship-based business is a thread that runs through our entire group and we are passionate about what we do. Every company is on a journey. Growing, learning, evolving. We’re here to share a little of that journey together. To enrich your journey with knowledge and expertise we have acquired through our own experiences. Although every project has a clear set of objectives to determine success, we often find that the sharing of thoughts and perspectives as we work together is perhaps the most enriching and valuable part of the experience. We benefit most when we share the journey.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

African Proverb

“The CDG journey is woven from
each tranche of the business,
and how they interlink to form
a cohesive, holistic whole.”

Company foundations


The origins of the Cedar Dean Group mark the point at which the stories of three founders combine.

Cedar Dean was set up by David Abramson in 2007 to specialize in the acquisition of leisure leasehold premises. Previously head of the Leasehold Disposal Team at a leading leisure advisory firm, David had already built a reputation as one of London’s leading advisors.

To develop Cedar Dean Commercial in 2009, David was joined by Lee Isaacs. Previously with the commercial auctions department of Allsop & Co, Lee subsequently worked with niche property advisory firms as a fully qualified chartered surveyor.

Founder of Gilmarc Associates in 1998, specialists in the disposal of existing leisure leasehold interests, Morris Greenberg joined the pair in 2010 when he and David merged their respective companies.

Having united their complementary skills and knowledge under a single roof, the three launched the Cedar Dean Group in 2016.

At the Cedar Dean Group, we take our values seriously. They are more than words on a page. They shape everything we do. We believe in:

Our Values


We are upfront with our clients and put your business interests at the forefront of what we do.


With our experience and expertise, we strive to deliver a reliable service of the highest quality.


We always look to challenge or recreate the norm, so we can deliver your desired results, faster.

Results focused

We focus on our clients’ desired outcome and will do our utmost to make your objectives a reality.


We understand our clients’ needs and want to do everything we can to help your business thrive. We give time to help others and 10% of our profit is given to charitable causes.

Our Promise

The nature of our relationships with clients is what defines us. We strive to work with companies who share similar values, and we consider and treat our clients as partners. When you work with the Cedar Dean Group, you are rewarded with more than property solutions. When we join a client’s journey we offer all of our experience and our knowledge to help them improve and sustain their business. We don’t simply deliver solutions. We help businesses grow.

So join the journey.

Our Partners:
David Abramson


Morris Greenberg

Managing Director

Lee Isaacs


“The CDG journey is woven from
each tranche of the business,
and how they interlink to form
a cohesive, holistic whole.”
“Humility is the
solid foundation
of all virtues.


“The CDG journey is woven from
each tranche of the business,
and how they interlink to form
a cohesive, holistic whole.”
Our current list of services

CDG Leisure

CDG Leisure specialises in the disposal and acquisition of leisure leasehold premises across the UK, with particular focus on central London.

When a tenant approaches us to discuss the option of selling their leasehold interest, we offer a free market assessment of the value of their lease, with a view to marketing and selling the premises. We also work with landlords looking to let a property to a new tenant within the leisure industry. To determine rental value we offer a free assessment, again with a view to marketing and letting the property.

Visit cdgleisure.com

Leisure Acquisitions

If you’re looking for a partner to help you find the perfect location for your business, our Bespoke Acquisitions Service is what you need. Our process is simple.

First, we learn about your company and your business objectives. Then we work tirelessly to find your ideal location. Our approach relies on years of experience and a refusal to accept only conventional solutions. To help you, we can tap into a deep pool of industry contacts, landlord relationships and knowledge of the market. Our market knowledge helps us identify change of use potential and canvass on your behalf. We combine that experience with a proactive approach, looking beyond the open market to find new locations. We’re not shy about knocking on doors, and we don’t stop until you have a deal that works.

From a flagship central London location to a small kiosk in a Northern town, CDG’s Acquisition Service has successfully acquired premises for a complete spectrum of clients across the UK. We work with leading international operators looking to acquire a foothold in the UK, as well as acting as a strategic partner for a large number of British start-ups, helping them grow into thriving national chains.

Learn more about Bespoke Acquisition with CDG

Lease Restructuring

Cedar Dean Commercial is one of the most respected lease restructuring specialists in the UK.

Our services can help with re-gears and rent reductions. Led by our head of restructuring, Lee Isaacs, our team of expert lease negotiators have completed hundreds of successful deals, saving our clients more than £500m in leasehold liabilities since 2009.

Visit cedardeancommercial.com

Landlord and Tenant Services

Rent Reviews

Where rents are periodically reviewed it’s crucial to have the best advice to ensure the right level of sustainable rent is achieved. Cedar Dean Professional (CDP) have collated a mass of transactional data, and as experts, we inspect, measure and reference each site so that the right amount of space is assessed and that comparable evidence is fully analysed and applied. Where it is not possible to reach a settlement, we can provide expert evidence at third party arbitration/ Independent expert determination.

Lease Renewals

As leases come to an end and need to be renewed, (whether they are inside or outside of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954), it is essential to have a market experienced expert to advise on new terms that can affect rental value. Our team are fully experienced in the lease renewal process and well versed in achieving the right terms and rent for any new lease. Where it is not possible to settle via negotiation, we can give expert evidence at Court.


With repairing provisions often providing for the tenant to fully repair premises, it is often the case that interim or final schedules of dilapidations are served. CDP are able to advise on these schedules, their validity and enforceability. We are conversant with the Landlord and Tenant Acts, particularly the 1927 Act, and can provide advice on Section 18 valuations (any diminution in the landlords reversion). In many instances, when dealing with dilapidations, parties can make an incorrect settlement which is costly and unnecessary. CDP can guide and advise through an often daunting process.

Visit cedardeancommercial.com

Strategic Lease Management

Rising rents and business rates continue to be a huge challenge for commercial property tenants in London, and throughout the UK.

These costs can be crippling to business. By investing in a strategic and proactive approach to managing your company’s real estate portfolio, CDC can help you save money and unlock value within your leasehold estate.
For many of our clients, property costs represent the company’s single largest expense. CDC has delivered over £500 million in reduced leasehold liabilities for our clients. By proactively renegotiating leases, months and often years before expiry, our team can generate significant savings, adding excellent value to your leasehold property portfolio. Our team of property advisors will work with you, assessing each site, taking into account the company’s vision and long-term goals to help your company re-structure it’s entire property portfolio.

The importance of regularly reviewing leasehold arrangements cannot be overstated. We offer multi-site businesses the opportunity to outsource all of their transactional day-to-day portfolio management. This model allows our clients to focus exclusively on the things that matter most for the success of their business, while we focus on creating savings that make a huge impact on improving a company’s bottom line.


Our Mergers and Acquisitions team offers high-quality corporate advice to shareholders, investors and management teams.

Our team is experience and equipped to provide advice for any of the following project types:

  • Sell-side advisory including private equity fund-raisings and trade sales
  • Buy-side advisory assisting investors or corporates in the purchase of companies
  • Debt advisory to assist companies with their debt facilities
  • Advising management teams during private equity transactions

We take pride in our ability to rapidly grasp a deep understanding of our client’s businesses, and in helping those clients complete every transaction successfully.

Business Rates

Business Rates is a property tax on commercial premises that is a significant outgoing to occupiers.

CDP are experts in minimising rates liabilities to ensure occupiers pay the right amount of rates. We meticulously achieve reductions in rateable values which translate into actual reductions in rates payments. Reductions in rates payments will be for the rating period (currently 5 years) and rebates paid by billing authorities will be made for any earlier overpayments. Where it is not possible to agree a reduction in Rateable Value by negotiation, CDP can make representations at Valuation Tribunal to have the matter determined.


Cedar Dean Investments is a central London based real estate advisor focused on providing strategic, independent advice on residential and commercial property investments and development opportunities across the UK.

Clients of CDI include some of the most recognized names in property, including well known Publicly Listed Institutions, Property Companies, Asset Managers, Commercial and Residential Developers and High Net Worth Individuals. The department is led by David Fisher who has been passionately involved in the UK Real Estate industry for over 30 years being very well connected and respected across the industry.

Please get in touch if you wish to discuss your requirements, or have a deal to offer us.

The busier we are
the more leisure
we have.”

William Hazlitt

For there is nothing lost,
that may be found,
if sought.

Edmund Spenser

Intelligence is the ability
to adapt to change.”

Steven Hawking

Two monologues do not
make a dialogue.

Jeff Daly

Innovation distinguishes
between a leader and
a follower.”

Steve Jobs

Never believe that a few
caring people can’t change the
world. For, indeed, that’s all
who ever have.”

Margaret Mead

Intelligence is the ability
to adapt to change.”

Steven Hawking

For there is nothing lost,
that may be found,
if sought. ”

Edmund Spenser